About This Exhibition

In The New Farmers Project, Darby, Hossler, and Stock researched emerging small-scale, independent farmers, many of whom have left behind other professions to farm full-time. Sociologist Stock led interviews, photographer Darby documented the farmers and their land, and Hossler combined the interview text and photographs to create dynamic graphics.

“As researchers with different skill sets and backgrounds, we are trying to understand who these people are that are entering farming in what is a very tough time to be a farmer,” Stock has said. “There’s a building element to this that people [are] identifying not just for their livelihoods but saying we think this is important for the community, for access to local food, for soil health, ecological improvements.”


Black and white photograph of a man, holding a small child, and a woman, standing in front of a rough wood background

Bryon Darby, Elliott, Kevin and Jessi, Douglas County, Kansas, 2015, 2015, printed 2018. Inkjet, print, 36 x 48 inches. Collection of the artist.

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