About This Exhibition

What does the Kansas farm look like in 2018? What is life like for the fifth-generation farmer, working inherited land that has passed down over generations? What is life like for the first-generation, sustainable farmer?

Kansas Land features Larry Schwarm‘s work on the National Science Foundation BACC:FLUD (Biofuels and Climate Change: Farmers’ Land Use Decisions) project.

Larry Schwarm’s photographs are part of the National Science Foundation BACC:FLUD project. Bringing together more than a dozen researchers from various University of Kansas departments–economics, engineering, and anthropology, as well as two professors from Kansas State University–BACC:FLUD researched farmers’ decisions to grow biofuel crops as well as investigating responses to climate change. Schwarm, a Kansas farm kid himself, aims to “put a face on the farmers whose land-use decisions are being studied” as they adapt to increased mechanization, changing markets, and erratic weather. Schwarm’s evocative photographs document what has changed and what remains the same for those earning a living on the Kansas prairie.

Our Generous Sponsors

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