Memorials & Tributes

Honoring Someone You Love

Interior view of galleries with paintings on the wall and a sculpture on a pedestal

In Pursuit of Beauty: Jayne Seydell Milburn — 2017

It is an honor you are considering making a donation for someone dear with a gift to the Wichita Art Museum. Your thoughtful contribution, as a memorial donation or a tribute, is sure to be appreciated and an announcement will be sent to notify the family. Thank you making a generous gift that will help support arts in our city.


Mike Brown
Rachel Crane
Don Dagenais
Jane Dagenais
Mary Halchak
Beth And Dave Mohler
June Griggs
Ruthie And Jim Gillespie
Julia Tretbar
Margaret Carson Houston
Kourtney And Frank Carson
Marcia And Richard Smola
Jenny Mccracken
Sara And Jim Farley
Claire And Ken Mccracken
Nancy Ogle
Becky Middleton
Kourtney And Frank Carson
Becky Phipps
Jeffrey Gelvin
Linda Kinderknecht
Sidney Murphree And Diana Irvin
Barbara Queen
Brenda D. Broadhead
Children’s Mercy
Janneane Cruse
Depew Gillen Rathbun Mcinteer LC
Mary Honeyman
Erin Kelly
Cynthia And Bruce Snyder
Melodie And Steven Sterling
Training Dynamics
Doris Uhlig
Kate Wiese
Tim Schoonover
Patty Daman
Alice Schoonover

In Honor
Janneane Cruse
Randolph Loving Chapter Nsdar
Mark Eaton And Giovanna Schmidt
Anne Frey And Kirk Filbey
Marni Vliet Stone
Steven Tasheff