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Photo of a Black man with a mustache and goatee wearing a red baseball hat and a black hoodie with a stud on his left ear and gold chain with a circular photo attached to it

Artist Robert Peterson

Learn more about artist Robert Peterson’s life experience and artistic practice during this intimate conversation with Director/CEO Anne Kraybill.

5:30 pm Complimentary cocktail reception + mixing-and-mingling with Murdock members and local artists in partnership with Harvester Arts
6:30 pm Conversation with Robert Peterson and Anne Kraybill
7:30 pm Optional dinner by 1400 by Elderslie ($75/person)

In 2012, Robert Peterson picked up a paintbrush for the first time after receiving word from his doctors that he needed surgery to replace his hip as a means to relieve his fear of going under the knife. After painting a few works, Peterson’s work began to sell and just eight months later he had his first solo exhibition in New York City at Smile Design Gallery.

Ten years later, Peterson’s paintings began to evolve and focus more on the black experience through the lens of his life which is projected onto each new work stating that, “My art is my truth and my voice, it reflects a softer side of black people often not portrayed in the media and yet it still finds a way to show our strength and resilience, something that I want to see more of in galleries and museums.”

WAM’s new acquisition Sunday Kind of Love, now on view in the exhibition Love for All My Life, exemplifies this with an intimate portrayal that is representative of Peterson and his wife, Marina quietly laying together and listening to each other’s heartbeat.

Pictured at top: Robert Peterson, Sunday Kind of Love (detail), 2022. Oil on canvas, 54 x 114 inches. Collection of the Wichita Art Museum. Photo courtesy Robert Peterson

Dinner by 1400 by Elderslie

Photo of fried egg and grits with arugula in a skillet next to three pieces of toasted bread and the words 1400 by Elderslie at Wichita Art Museum overlaid on top
Optional Dinner – $75/person


– Grilled Caesar salad with white anchovy Caesar dressing, grilled romaine, herbs, house croutons

– Bread service 

– Grilled salmon with roasted spring root vegetables, black lentils and carrot puree
Chicken under a brick with farroto (farro risotto) and roasted mushrooms
– Grilled eggplant with wilted spring greens and mushrooms, rosemary cannellini beans and herb salad

– Lemon ricotta cake with green strawberry jam, strawberries, and mascarpone double cream