About This Exhibition

This exhibition surveys works by three early 20th-century masters of woodblock printmaking. Clare Leighton illustrated her own books and those of other authors while also depicting her gardens and travels. J.J. Lankes likewise illustrated books for renowned authors—including four volumes by poet Robert Frost—while also portraying his favorite country scenes. Herschel Logan’s childhood memories inspired the stories he told in his prints and miniature books.

Although each developed a distinctive style, the three artists are united by their ability to relate intricate and compelling stories in deceptively simple black-and-white images.

Leighton, Lankes, and Logan were all members of the Prairie Print Makers, a Wichita-based print society founded in 1930. Telling A Story is guest curated by Barbara Thompson, granddaughter of Prairie Print Maker founder C.A. Seward.

The exhibition is part of an ongoing series at the Wichita Art Museum that celebrates the Prairie Print Makers and their continuing legacy.