About This Exhibition

Robert Motherwell, one of the principal exponents of abstract expressionism, and Jasper Johns, one of the leaders responsible for the breakthrough from abstract expressionism to the pop art movement which succeeded it, are brought together in this showing of their combined bibliophilic works.

An exhibition of 46 lithographs and etchings, each produced with a relationship to poetry by artists who have been a dominant force in the development and maturation of twentieth-century modern art. Robert Motherwell, a pioneer and principal exponent of abstract expressionism, and Jasper Johns, one of the most innovative printmakers of our time, are paired here due to their shared intellectual and philosophical concerns.

The exhibition was organized by Contemporary and Modern Print Exhibitions.


Abstract image mostly white field obscured with large swaths of black with various sizes and shapes of paint splatter, strokes and scrapes.

Robert Motherwell,  Black With No Way Out, 1983. Lithograph in colors,  15-3/8 x 37-7/8 inches.