About This Exhibition

The Wichita Art Museum celebrates artists who call Wichita home. As the verve of the Wichita art community strengthens and the landscape of artists and arts organizations continues to expand, the museum is eager to celebrate the new and growing energy.

To mark the museum’s 85th anniversary, the museum will stage a great community exhibition. To reach into the diverse corners of Wichita and to tap the dynamic of creativity in the city, the art museum will invite artists to share a modest work of art to have their “foot in the door.”

Any individual in the Wichita MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) who identifies as an artist will be welcome to submit a 12 x 12 inch artwork (including the frame)–painting, print, drawing, relief–for presentation in the exhibition Foot in the Door. Young and old, professional and emerging–artists from the Wichita metro will be invited to take part. We anticipate an outpouring of interest and strong participation across the city’s arts scene.

Economic studies attest that a vibrant art scene is a leading ingredient in any prospering city. Wichita boasts a tremendous arts community, and WAM celebrates what the arts add to the good life well-lived in the heartland.

Foot in the Door Artists

Individual artists by last name

Foot in the Door Artwork Pick-up

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Foot in the Door closes Sunday, April 18, which means it’s almost time for participating artists to pick up their artwork. Here’s how to pick up your artwork from WAM:

1. Come to the Wichita Art Museum. 

  • Monday, April 19: 10 am to 7 pm in the Paul Ross Gallery
  • Tuesday, April 20: 10 am to 4:30 pm in the Paul Ross Gallery
  • Wednesday, April 21: 10 am to 4:30 pm in the S. Jim and Darla Farha Great Hall
2) Bring one of three forms of ID. 
  • Original receipt
  • Photo identification
  • Foot in the Door email from WAM staff to participating artists
3) WAM staff will return your artwork. 
What if I am picking up someone else’s artwork?
  • Bring the artist’s original receipt
  • Bring the artist’s Foot in the Door email from WAM staff
Questions? Contact Assistant Registrar Emma Girton at 316-268-4904 or girton@wam.org.

Our Generous Sponsors

Foot in the Door is generously supported by J. Eric Engstrom and Robert Bell, Sonia Greteman and Chris Brunner, Mike and Dee Michaelis, Sondra Langel, and Shaw Family Foundation. Ann and Martin Bauer, Bunny and Bob Broeckelman, and Don and Ellie Skokan are additional exhibition sponsors. All exhibitions are supported by the Friends of the Wichita Art Museum and City of Wichita.