Artwork Information

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  • Artist:

    Hornby, Lester G.

  • Artist Bio:

    American, 1882–1956

  • Date:


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  • Dimensions:

    5 7/8 x 6 3/4 inches

  • Credit Line:

    Wichita Art Museum, C.A. Seward Memorial Collection

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    Not Currently on Display

About the Artwork

Lester George Hornby

American, 1882–1956

Toul, 1918


Wichita Art Museum, C.A. Seward Memorial Collection


As a war correspondent during World War I, Hornby created numerous images and illustrations of the war. Many of these were scenes of everyday life, just as Toul is. Hornby makes note of the hustle and bustle of the wartime efforts as a new way of life for many. While all of the preparations with soldiers occurs in the foreground, we are then also met with the landscape of the Cathйdrale Sainte-Йtienne de Toul. Though it is not the focus of the etching, it becomes a hard to miss recognizable feature of the era, location, and stylistic elements involved.