About this Event

Photo of the sculpture by vanessa german showing a figure and hands outstretched and balanced on two small wooden chairs

vanessa german, THE BEAST, or Self Portrait, 2022. Ingredients for the Work: love, wood, fire, plaster, wood glue, glass beaded, bead trims, hand blown glass nipples, old coke bottles, hand blown glass egg/tear shapes, hope, hair grease, rage, sorrow, bitterness, obsessive thoughts, two wooden Children’s chairs, rage, ptsd, tears, black so-flat paint, tar, white and pink so-flat, wire, cloth, Astro turf, anxiety, two miracles, everyday there is grace, love. 78 3/4 x 42 x 30 1/2 inches. Courtesy of the artist and Kasmin. Photography by Diego Flores

In this gallery conversation, Dr. Brittany Lockard, an expert in fat studies and contemporary art, will provide a framework for thinking about American culture’s treatment of fat bodies and invite the audience to share the ways in which the sculpture resonates with and differs from their own particular, intersectional experiences of body image. We will also consider how artist vanessa german’s emphasis on tenderness, creativity, and social healing can be a model for mending our individual and structural relationships with our bodies.

Dr. Brittany Lockard is Assistant Professor of Art History and Creative Industries in the School of Art, Design and Creative Industries at Wichita State University.

About the Presenter

A white woman with glasses and long hair wearing a black shirt and a necklace smiles for the camera

Dr. Brittany Lockard, Assistant Professor of Art History and Creative Industries at Wichita State University