About this Event

Headshot of Ellen Jones. Redhead, wearing a blue polka-dotted blouse.

Ellen Jones | Wichita-based writer, filmmaker, therapist.

It’s a summer of celebrity at WAM! Inspired by the featured exhibition ANNIE LEIBOVITZ / WORK, each film is related to a photograph by this iconic celebrity photographer and will include commentary and Q&A with a local expert.

Film Series #1: Hugo

(2011) This gorgeous film, directed by Martin Scorsese, infuses enchantment and magic into its production design. The storybook-like sets and visuals create a world of fantasy and childlike imagination that lies within a train station, allowing the viewer to see the same magic in the world that Hugo sees. (2 hr 6 min) Rated PG.


Ellen Jones is a Wichita-based writer, filmmaker, and therapist. Her short films have played throughout the Midwest and often explore our relationship to ourselves and each other. Her films have won a variety of awards, including (but not limited to): Best Cinematography, Best Kansas Film, and Curator’s Choice Award. 

Hugo images courtesy of Paramount.

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