graphic showing 2 photos of the film

(Left) "Through the Repellent Fence" (Right) "Sweetheart Dancers"

Through the Repellent Fence (2017) follows the Native American art collective Postcommodity as they construct Repellent Fence, a two-mile long outdoor artwork straddling the U.S.-Mexico border a mile in each direction and suturing the region back together.
Directed by Sam Wainwright Douglas.

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Sweetheart Dancers (2019) is the story of Sean and Adrian, a Two-Spirit couple determined to rewrite the rules of Native American culture through their participation in the “Sweetheart Dance.” This celebratory contest is held at powwows across the country, primarily for men and women couples – until now.
Directed by Ben-Alex Dupris.

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This is a film series curated by filmmaker Rod Pocowatchit (Comanche/Pawnee/Shawnee) and inspired by the exhibition Clearly Indigenous: Native Visions Reimagined in Glass. Pocowatchit, founder and director of alterNative Film Festival, will provide commentary before each film and will lead a Q & A after.