About this Event

Woman sitting with her right elbow on her knee, her chin resting in her hand. She is dressed in the dark blue long-sleeved top and wears a large silver bracelet

Artist Rachelle Ablah, creator of Rocky's Hardwear

Meet Wichita artist Rachelle Ablah and watch her create beautiful and unique silver jewelry during this demonstration.

Growing up in Wichita, Rachelle was always interested in art and arty things. As a kid, she was willing to do anything that would keep her in blue jeans/sweaters/boots and get her hands dirty: ceramics; painting, etc. Silver work began in a classroom at City Arts. She always liked wielding a hammer, so metal work seemed a good fit: she can swing a hammer and move metal.

Rachelle finds inspiration everywhere, borrowing from nature: texture and color. Simple lines of tree bark, grasses, feathers, flowers and admiring architecture and the how and why lines work with circles or angles.