About This Event

(Left to right) Daniel Pewewardy, Rod Pocowatchit, Megan Shelton, Marc Lujan.

Storytelling, art, and music are three long-standing elements of the Native American cultural tradition that have been carried from one generation to the next for centuries. These practices are paramount for posterity, but sometimes they also help pay the bills. Daniel Pewewardy (Comanche), creative director for Twice Removed: Native American Life After Relocation, will lead a conversation with three area Native creatives, discussing their practices, culture, and how they balance the two while sharing their talents with the broader world. This entertaining event will feature:

–  Filmmaker Rod Pocowatchit (Comanche, Pawnee, Shawnee)
–  Tattoo artist Megan Shelton (Ponca, Creek, Seminole)
–  DJ/Producer Marc Lujan (Seneca).

Closing night for the exhibition, Twice Removed: Native American Life After Relocation closes Sunday, is November 26, 2023. WAM’s Cessna Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting art by regional creatives. This space is a partnership with Harvester Arts, a local nonprofit art organization fostering opportunities for Wichita creatives.

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