About this Event

Photograph of people around a table with art supplies -- scissors, pencils, teal plastic basket with glue sticks and colorful drawings they have made. From left, dark-haired girl with a large pink bow on the back of her head and wearing a pink shirt with a face wrapped in a white scarf on the front; woman with dark hair and dark glasses, wearing a long-sleeved maroon shirt, in the center a younger girl holding a cutout snowman. She has dark hair with a large white bow and is wearing a gray sweater. Next to her is an adult male, dark-haired, wearing a black jacket with white stripe from shoulder to wrist, with a marker in his hand, coloring a piece of paper in front on him on the table. At far right is another dark-haired girl wearing a light, mossy green long-sleeved shirt. She is holding a yellow and green picture in her hand.

Join us for opening day and see our newest exhibition, B.J.O. Nordfeldt: American Internationalist.

Walk the gallery and trace his travels through many parts of the country. Discover the places he lived and worked—including Wichita—and how they influenced his artistic style and development.

Have fun making family-friendly art inspired by Nordfeldt’s work and his Swedish heritage. Enjoy live performances by Lindsborg Swedish Folk Dancers, fiddlers, and a Swedish festival atmosphere.