About this Event

Photograph of a man with red hair and beard, dressed in an olive green shirt, with a dark background

Artist Dan Friday (Lummi)

Don’t miss your chance to meet Dan Friday (Lummi) on the opening day of the exhibition Clearly Indigenous: Native Visions Reimagined in Glass.

Daniel Joseph Friday is a Native of the Lummi Nation and a lifelong resident of Washington State’s Puget Sound region. Drawing from cultural themes and using modern processes, Friday’s work is contemporary in format while maintaining basic Native American qualities. Dan has spent the past two decades working with artists such as Dale Chihuly, Paul Marioni, and Preston Singletary.

Visit the exhibition afterward to see Friday’s artworks in person. (Exhibition fees apply.)

TOP: Dan Friday (Lummi), Lummi Lightning Bear (detail), 2018. Hand sculpted hot glass. 14 x 8 x 3 inches. Collection of the artist. Photo by Alec Miller, Image and artwork courtesy Friday Glass, Seattle, Washington. © Dan Friday