About this Event

Photograph of a man pouring molten glass into a mold in front of an audience.

Patrick Martin, Glass Artist and Professor at Emporia State University

Thermal Links: Launching the Studio Glass Movement in the 1960s

Learn about the beginnings of the Studio Glass movement as it emerged in the 1960s and gained ground in the 1970s and after. Artists including Dale Chihuly, Fritz Driesbach, Marvin Lipofsky, Harvey Littleton, Dominick Labino, and Richard Marquis created experimental artworks infused with contemporary concepts. They learned historic glassmaking techniques and innovated to expand what was possible for this medium.

The movement wholly transformed this artform and moved fabrication out of the factories to smaller independent studios specifically designed to make individual one- of- a- kind artworks.

Featured in the summer exhibition Richard Marquis: Keepers, Marquis played a key role to impact the future of glass art across several decades. Patrick Martin, Professor at Emporia State University, will share his knowledge of the early pioneering years of the Studio Glass movement, knowledge based on acquaintance with many of the leading artists he will discuss.