Armstrong Photography Lecture Series

About the Lecture Series

A couple in a living room setting. On the left is a white-haired woman dressed in a purple jacket and skirt with the turquoise shirt and large stone necklace. She is seated on the arm of a chair covered in a floral pattern of blues and light browns. At her left, the man is leaning against a table. He is dressed in a brown suit, white shirt and a red and blue striped tie.

Mickey and Pete Armstrong in 1993

Edward “Pete” Armstrong (1921-2009) was a respected business and civic leader and talented photographer. A photographic officer during World War II, he pursued his passion for photography throughout his life. After military service, he joined McCormick Armstrong Co. in Wichita and ultimately rose to become chairman of the successful family company.

His wife, Mickey Armstrong, and family honor Pete and his lifelong love of photography through endowed support for ongoing talks on photography topics at the Wichita Art Museum.

Upcoming Amstrong Lecture Series programs