About This Event

Graphic with a tool and paintbrush on the left and art deco-inspired letters on the left and the text Art Deco and its life in lettering in red in the center

Explore new design features in typography, illustration, and advertising celebrated and still beloved today as quintessential Art Deco.

Following World War I, the style straddled avant-garde modernism and time-honored classicism. Art Deco offered a design alternative to promote new buildings, products, and even respond to the social problems of the day. Was it one style? No, it was many!

Speaker Jim Hellman is a savvy graphic designer and recently retired Wichita State University design professor who taught for 40+ years. He has art directed for popular magazines, business communications, and designed numerous books for New York and Boston publishers.

This presentation is in partnership with AIGA Wichita, a nonprofit organization that seeks to elevate local designers, promote diversity, and get the wider creative community excited about art and design in Wichita.

The lecture is presented in conjunction with the exhibition American Art Deco: Designing for the People, 1918–1939.

Galleries open before the lecture with paid admission (free to WAM members).


Our Community Partners

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Jim Hellman, retired associate professor in the School of Art, Design and Creative Industries at Wichita State University